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Message from Principal

Matthew Ngelu

I’d like to offer you a very warm welcome to Lukenya Boys High School – a vibrant school for ambitious boys who like to be busy and fulfilled. We are a highly successful and ambitious school but, above all else, LBHS is a warm and welcoming community where each member is nurtured and encouraged to flourish. Academic achievement will always be our central focus, but we deliver an all-round first class education where an extraordinary range of opportunities ensures that each boy can learn where he is in his element.

During their journey through the School, they have unparalleled opportunities to develop their passions and skills, so that they get to know themselves and acquire the emotional intelligence needed to thrive. Visitors to the School often remark on how the boys they have met are ‘confident without ever appearing arrogant’. This is what sets them and us apart.

We believe in providing an education for life for all our boys which blends the best of tradition with the exciting opportunities provided by new technology. Learning how to learn is a key facet of LBHS and is an essential skill for life in the twenty-first century. We believe that a truly excellent school is about more than academic achievement alone: it is also about developing a passion for learning; a capacity for independent and critical thinking; self-awareness and resilience; self-confidence without arrogance and genuine interests that extend beyond the confines of the classroom.

At LBHS we focus on developing the whole person, aiming to ensure that each pupil leaves here ready for the challenges of life at university and beyond, and understanding their responsibilities towards others. We want our pupils to leave LBHS well equipped to engage positively with a rapidly changing world as accomplished problem solvers and innovators, confident in their ability to lead and with a clear appreciation of and respect for the views and potential of others.

Firstly, we know how to teach boys. Our teaching is focused on experiential learning where boys deepen their knowledge by doing. At LBHS, the division between the academic and the extra-curricular is far from absolute, as there are so many opportunities for learning that occur outside the classroom. Everywhere you look, you discover a school bursting with activity, where boys have huge respect for the varied talents of their peers and learn as much outside the classroom as within. It is this happy fusion of work and play that is our implicit hallmark. To achieve this, we provide a vast array of activity, so that each boy can find a lifelong passion; we enable boys to look beyond what they feel is possible, both academically and outside the classroom; we encourage an atmosphere of friendship, collegiality and mutual respect, whilst also retaining the love of competitiveness which comes so naturally to boys; and we require boys to engage with the wider world, in preparation for their adult lives.

We are intensely proud that LBHS is consistently recognised as one of the leading private boys’ schools in the country. We are committed to providing an environment in which all pupils are challenged to be the best they can be, and one in which pastoral care and well-being underpin academic, co-curricular and sporting excellence.